Quebec Countryside Ladies Weekend Retreats

What to expect:

A Friday to Sunday weekend of Renewal and Connection is what you can experience with Coach Tina Toner as your host!

Join us in the heart of the countryside for a transformative weekend where we come together as a sisterhood, breaking bread, setting goals, and emerging stronger in both body and mind.

Soulful Connections: A weekend immersed in the tranquility of nature, our Ladies Retreat provides a safe space to form meaningful connections. Whether you’re a seasoned retreat-goer or a first-timer, our community welcomes you with open arms.

Breaking Bread Together: There’s something magical about sharing a meal with newfound friends in a laid back, casual environment. The weekend retreats feature wonderful potluck dinners, where the diversity of flavors of every dish is a symbol of unity and shared joy.  Best of all, you can put your feet up by the campfire after a day of exercise and hiking and wake up the next two mornings with 2 delicious breakfasts included.

Empowering Workouts: Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate trainee, you’ll kickstart the retreat with a traditional welcome ceremony and an exercise form workshop to gain confidence. Led by Coach Tina Toner, the weekend is inspired by her ‘Beyond the Body’ coaching program and goes beyond the physical activities.  Meditation, breathwork, stretching, and muscle activation are practiced as a method of balancing energy flow.  You’ll tone up, burn fat and get stronger in mind, body and spirit.

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Join us for a weekend that nourishes the soul, strengthens the body, and forges connections that last a lifetime.

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