Fit & Healthy Retreats

From the pristine shores of the Dominican Republic to the adventurous landscapes of Barbados, and the tranquil countryside of Quebec, our retreats offer the perfect blend of wellness and adventure.

Dominican Republic Wellness Retreat

Discover your radiant self at the blissful women's all-inclusive VIP wellness retreat in the Dominican Republic!

Ladies, it's time to pack your bags and embark on a journey of rejuvenation at the luxurious 5-star Meliá Wellness Hotel in beautiful Punta Cana! Get ready for the ultimate escape where wellness meets paradise, brought to you in collaboration with Tina Toner Fitness Coaching and Level 21 Destination Events.

  • Wake Up to Workouts
  • All-Inclusive Luxury
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Communal Dinners

Barbados Co-ed Fitness Retreat

Embrace the authentic Caribbean experience at our annual Co-ed Fitness Retreat in the tropical paradise of Barbados! Complete with exhilarating workouts, hikes in nature, all-inclusive luxury at the Mango Bay hotel and local Bajan culture!


  • Beach Workouts
  • Culinary Delights
  • Learn Under The Palm Trees
  • Island Tours with a Local Flair

Quebec Countryside Ladies Weekend Retreats

A Friday to Sunday weekend of Renewal and Connection is what you can experience with Coach Tina Toner as your host!

Join us in the heart of the countryside for a transformative weekend where we come together as a sisterhood, breaking bread, setting goals, and emerging stronger in both body and mind.

  • Soulful Connections
  • Breakfast Included
  • Empowering Workouts
  • Hiking Excursions

What We Offer

Discover Our Signature Wellness Experience: Elevating Retreats for Mind, Body, and Soul

Easy booking

Streamline your wellness journey with effortless booking, ensuring your retreat experience starts with simplicity

Comfortable rest

Unwind in blissful comfort, where every moment is designed for rejuvenation and relaxation

Beautiful sceneries

Immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas, where nature's beauty becomes the backdrop for your wellness retreat

Modern service

Experience the epitome of modernity and convenience with our cutting-edge wellness services

Our Team

A Fit and Healthy Retreat isn’t just about breaking a sweat—it’s about breaking through barriers and achieving transformative results. Through fun and effective workouts, participants not only torch calories and build strength but also discover newfound confidence and resilience that extend far beyond the retreat experience.

Jump into a retreat of a lifetime, where laughter, perspiration AND personal growth converge to create unforgettable memories and lasting change. Get ready to unleash your potential and become the best version of yourself!

Rise and thrive on a retreat of self-discovery and transformation!

Coach Tina ‘Toner’


Get ready to be transformed with a seasoned guru boasting over 25 years of experience sculpting bodies and minds alike! Meet Tina Toner, the powerhouse behind Fit and Healthy Retreats, where magic happens and lives change amid the stunning backdrops of Barbados, the Dominican Republic, and the picturesque Quebec countryside.

For more than a decade, participants from around the globe experience dynamic workouts, enlightening nutrition, and empowering mindset workshops. Tina Toner is renowned for igniting the spark of change in each attendee, setting them on a path to lifelong health and vitality.

As a captivating speaker, former Weight Watchers writer and Global Morning News fitness correspondent, you can find her insightful articles in MONTRÉAL enSANTÉ, where every page guides readers toward happier, healthier lives, one choice at a time.

Jason ‘The Core’ Altidor

Barbados Coach

With a reputation for bringing his A-game to every session, Jason ‘The Core’ Altidor infuses each workout and workshop with a blend of high energy and humor that leaves participants buzzing with excitement and satisfaction.

As an A.C.E Certified fitness instructor, Jason’s credentials speak for themselves, but it’s his dynamic personality and genuine passion for helping others that truly set him apart. Whether he’s leading a heart-pumping fat burning session, teaching plyometric conditioning or diving into in-depth discussions on nutrition and mindset, Jason’s enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge make every moment memorable and impactful.

Jovier Navarro

Retreat Agent

Retreat agent Jovier Navarro stands as the epitome of professionalism and dedication. As the esteemed owner of Level-21, a premier Destination Event Management Company, Jovier creates unforgettable experiences with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Specializing in high-end group travel, sports events, and entertainment, Jovier ensures that every aspect of the retreat surpasses expectations and meticulously plans every detail, from transportation logistics to personalized amenities, tailored to each individual’s preferences. Whether it’s arranging lavish accommodations to curating exclusive excursions, he crafts an unparalleled journey for the retreat participants and goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest’s needs are exceeded.

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